ACT government calls for bids on new ways to deal with city’s rubbish
July 23, 2019
Changing Australia’s approach to medical waste
August 4, 2021
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180 Waste Group for onsite healthcare waste management

Zero Capital Outlay for Healthcare Waste Treatment Technology.

Onsite Health Care Waste Treatment for Hospitals, with No Capital Outlay

No capital outlay! Pay as you go on the cost per cycle (CPC) plan

How do costings for treatment of medical waste work?

    • Treatment of medical waste charged at a cost per kilo

    • Sign up for an agreed minimum monthly volume on a flexible term

    • Billed monthly in arrears

What are the benefits?

    • Immediate net financial gain

    • Pay exactly for the medical waste generated, no excessive removal fees for partially filled bins

    • Master agreement for multiple healthcare sites

What is included in the Cost Per Cycle (CPC) plan?