180 Waste Group are proud partners with the Thermal Compaction Group (TCG), a like-minded ‘green’ business focused on sustainable waste solutions. With the help of TCG, 180 Waste Group has expanded our range of cost-effective solutions to waste management problems, that significantly reduce disposal costs and transportation costs.

TCG and 180 Waste Group invite you to join us in creating a brighter, greener future, using sustainable solutions for a circular economy.


The Massmelt is a horizontal, thermal screw compaction system designed to reduce the compactable waste volume by around 75% and reduces moisture content by up to 25% through compaction and heat.

Through compaction and heat, plastic within the waste is used to form a thermally binding casing on the outside allowing the output to maintain a cylindrical or log shape at the end of the process.

These ‘logs’ can be cut into length using an optional hot knife guillotine, Easing transportation and to improve waste management handling. Further optional features include a pre shredder.


The Sterimelt recycles and recovers single use disposable plastic polypropylene sterilisation tray wraps and drapes, commonly used in hospital operation theatres. Warps and drapes’ volume is reduced by 85% , using controlled patented thermal technology to melt the sheets into a soil block of polypropylene plastic.

The machine itself is constructed from stainless steel, has no moving parts, and is suitable to operate indoors or outdoors.


Similar to the sterimelt, the curtainmelt reduces the volume of disposable curtains by 85%, using patented thermal technology to melt the curtains into solid blocks of polypropylene plastic. However, unlike the sterimelt the Curtianmelt recycles and recovers other single use disposable polypropylene materials outside of the operating theatre. This includes items such as shower, window and bed curtains used within the healthcare sector.

Curtainmelt has the option of being able to process potentially infected waste, including COVID-19, using biological spore strip testing to meet EPR 5.07 and STAATT III and IV regulations for clinical waste. If requiring this available option, it will need a EA waste permit licence (Standard Rules 2008 No 25) and a relevant CoTC holder.


The Styromelt recycles and recovers single use disposable plastic polystyrene packages and storage boxes. This includes items such as food and appliance packaging, making the Styromelt suitable to organisations operating outside of the healthcare industry.

Styromelt reduces the volume of polystyrene (EPS) by up to 90%, using controlled patented thermal technology to melt the EPS into solid Styrofoam blocks.

TCG’s machines (sterimelt, Massmelt, Curtianmelt, and Styromelt) enhances reductions in transport by maximising payloads and reducing the frequency of waste transportation which in return improves sustainability and reduces your organisation carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the waste processed through TCG’s patented technology can be reintroduced and reused within the Australian plastic supply chain and plastic manufacturing industry, aiding to improve your organisation and Australia’s circular economy.