While the waste management industry is large and diverse, the Australian healthcare waste management sector that deals with potentially infectious clinical waste is small and specialised.

180 waste group have been servicing Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands since 2003. Our team supplies, installs and maintain certified healthcare waste management equipment to hospitals, surgeries, clinics, laboratories, and manufactures of medical supplies.

Our solution

180 Waste Group offers a new approach to clinical waste disposal by enabling onsite treatment of clinical waste for hospitals and health care providers. Commercial, safety and environmental benefits are numerous as our specialised equipment for clinical waste treatment, processes the medical waste into an odourless unrecognisable by-product. This by-product is sterilised, and only a fraction of its original weight and volume.

Clinical waste that has been contaminated by chemicals is considered to be hazardous waste. Removal and transportation of this waste is high-risk to the community and environment.

Hospital waste is often contaminated by chemicals such as; formaldehyde and Phenols, commonly used as disinfectants. Mercury is another chemical found in thermometers or blood pressure measurement equipment. Direct exposure to chemicals in hazardous waste such as mercury and cyanide can be fatal. The risks associated with transportation and handling of hazardous waste collected at hospitals is significantly reduced with 180 Waste Group’s onsite solution.