Safe Water Treatment

Infectious sewage water treatment

The Newster Safe Water Treatment (SWT) system is an on-site solution designed for the disinfection of hospital wastewater.

Specifically designed to prevent the spread of biological pollutants, the Newster SWT provides mechanical treatment of wastewater deriving from infectious disease hospital wards. The system is based on an innovative process that uses a special grinder to dispel all organic material and eventually grinds all other material in the wastewater.


Autoptic Sewage Water Treatment

Similar to the Newster SWT, the Autoptic Sewage Water (ASW) treatment plant is designed for on-site installation in urban hospitals lacking connection to sewage systems.

ASW ensures the treatment and disinfection of waste. Water is safely treated without producing potentially infectious and harmful compounds thanks to the use of peracetic acid as a disinfectant. The ASW plant is completely automatic and does not require continuous supervision.