Liquid Waste Solutions

180 Waste Group’s safe water technology is designed as the final mechanical treatment of wastewater deriving from infectious hospital wards. our technology meets the needs of small-sized hospitals, hospitals located far from main urban areas lacking connection to sewage systems, to large-sized clinics and other medical facilities.

The SWT and ASW technology is designed to complete the range of 180 Waste Group products, providing a complete solution for hospital eco-sustainability.

Why choose 180 Waste Group Safe Water Treatment?

Proven excellence in hospital sanitation
SWT avoids the spread of infected pollutants in underground and surface water
Certification proving conformity with CE regulations
Pre-assembled and can be installed without structural work.
Easily maintained and an operator is not necessary while it is in function
Completely automatic and computerised
Equipped with a remote control system
Endowed with two redundant processing lines