Eco – Sustainable Hospital Waste Management Solutions

180 waste group offer the most technologically advance waste equipment ever seen in Australia. Imported from the Newster Group, one of Europe’s leading eco-sustainable waste technology manufactures, our equipment can effectively treat the potentially dangerous waste that is produced daily in medical facilities across Australia.

180 waste group supply, install and maintain certified on-site waste management solutions designed for use in small hospitals to larger hospitals. Our equipment works on-site, avoiding the need to transport waste and limiting the risk of biological contaminations. It is fast, eco-sustainable, and most importantly, SAFE.

Our equipment is easy to use, inexpensive and suitable for hospital needs.

Connections required, excluding the power supply, are very similar to connections required for a domestic washing machine.

Running costs inclusive of energy consumption, maintenance, operating staff and consumables allows for a significant reduction of the cost of disposal.


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