The value delivered by the Newster technology is immediate and measurable.

Waste is reduced in volume up to 70% and weight up to 30%.

The small scale equipment takes up little floorspace and only requires standard utility connections of power, water and sewer. A processing cycle is approximately 30 minutes, can be safely operated by any trained staff and the residual waste easily disposed.

Traditional healthcare waste management costs are significantly reduced, noticeably: waste storage, collection, transport and disposal costs associated with off site processing. The return on investment is short term.

Operational efficiencies are gained with onsite waste management practices, the benefit of improved hygiene and minimising risk of handling and transporting potentially infectious and contaminated healthcare waste.

Healthcare and waste management industry workers and public health are well protected and improved with the use of this technology.

The treatment cycle and sterilised residual waste is an environmentally positive outcome and more so than alternate autoclave and disinfection technologies. Unrecognisable, dehydrated, odourless and compact, the waste management process eliminates multiple current waste management practices and with it produces a byproduct that is inert, decomposable and potentially useable as a refuse derived fuel (RDF).

180 Waste Group will partner with the healthcare and waste industries to deliver a new approach to clinical waste management that will improve overall healthcare and environmental practices and realise financial and economic benefits.