Newster NW5 Solid Waste Steriliser

Newster® NW5 Solid Waste Steriliser provides effective and efficient treatment of potentially infectious healthcare waste.

Newster NW5 Solid Waste Steriliser for Potentially Infectious Waste

Newster NW5 is a patented, eco-sustainable solution for clinical waste management. Produced by Newster Group, the Newster® Sterilizer is based on patented Frictional Heat Treatment technology.

How Newster Solid Waste Sterilisation Works

The entire healthcare waste treatment process occurs on-site under the supervision of specially trained staff, guaranteeing maximum efficiency. There is no need to transport the waste from the hospital to an external disposal centre. Time, risks and financial costs are all minimised.

Our equipment uses a patented frictional heat technology that requires:

  • no external chemicals;
  • sterilises potentially infectious chemical waste;
  • uses dehydration method to make the waste unrecognisable, odourless and reduces its volume; and
  • removes all microbiological active organisms.


Reduction of bacteria load in high temperature environment up to 150°C.
15 - 25 kg per hour (depending on percentage of humidity and density) 240 litres per hour.
Homogenious small sized granules.
20-25% of initial volume.
70-75% of initial weight
Approx 100 litres Ø = 480mm H = 550mm
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
By Variable Resistance Sensors
Time-temperature flow recording
Approx 95°C through H₂O evaporation


In humid environment.
Manual, mechanical blocking and double safety device.
Mechanical blocking system of sterilisation vessel lid; power supply to main engine is cut-off in case of lid blocking failure. low voltage command and control panel with automatic power cut-off if panels are open; electrical resistor heating system to be used in case of emergency stop.
Made of special metal alloys.
Approx 60 litres per hour Approx 50 litres per hour with optional water recycling system
40mm diameter sewer pipe equipped with trap.
Overall max 20 kW
Steriliser: 800mm x 1600mm x 1300mm Filter Group: 800mm x 350mm x 1100mm Electrical Board: 600mm x 450mm x 1200mm Total Weight: 740 kg