Newster® Sterilbox for disinfection of collection bins containing potentially infectious healthcare waste. Patented, eco-sustainable clinical waste solution.

Newster Sterilbox Healthcare Waste Collection Bin Disinfection

Newster Sterilbox is a patented, eco-sustainable solution for disinfection of clinical waste collection bins.

Use the Newster® Sterilbox machine to wash and sanitise hospital waste containers made from special plastic materials. This industrial front-loading bin washer is fitted with four 22 W ultraviolet lamps in the washing chamber. It has a 550mm x 610mm stainless steel tub, with a door aperture of 650mm

How Newster Sterilbox Works

The ultra violet lamps have microbiocidal action and sterise the surfaces, liquids and air inside the washing chamber. The bactericidal activity of the ultaviolet radiation inactivates the DNA and RNA nucleic acids of cells, acting on pyrimidine bases (thymine, cytosine, uracil) to trigger the formation of atypical dimers that destabilise the hydrogen bond with the complementary bases and impede the normal replication processes of nucleic acids.

Irradiation Treatment via Ultraviolet Lamps

The position of the lamps ensures uniform irradiation in the entire compartment, thereby guaranteeing the exposure of all container surfaces to the germicidal action of the ultaviolet lamps.

The lamps are switched on when the washing cycle starts, and are switched off automatically before the final rinsing cycle.

Newster Sterilbox Safety Feature

The Newster Sterilbox is equipped with a safety switch that prevents the lamps from being switched on until the sliding door has been fully closed, also automatically switching them off in case of malfunctions when the door is opened. This prevents all accidental exposure of operators to ultraviolet radiation during bin loading and unloading operations.


720mm x 780mm x 1700mm
550mm x 610mm
400V / 50Hz / 3NpH
7.4 kW
30 / 15 / 10 tubs per hour.
2' - 4' - 8' minutes
4 litres per cycle
37 litres
22 Watt