Clinical Waste Management Services

Clinical Waste Management Services for healthcare providers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Problem Solved by 180 Waste Group.

Clinical Waste Management Services

180 Waste Group offer innovative, eco-sustainable solutions to the treatment and disposal of clinical waste.

The Clinical Waste Disposal Problem.

180 Waste Group offers a new approach to clinical waste disposal by enabling onsite treatment of clinical waste for hospitals and health care providers. Commercial, safety and environmental benefits are numerous as our specialised equipment for clinical waste treatment, processes the medical waste into an odourless unrecognisable by-product. This byproduct is sterilised, and only a fraction of its original weight and volume.

Clinical Waste Management Solution for On-Site Clinical Waste Sterilisation

Benefits of Onsite Sterilisation of Clinical Waste

The benefits of onsite sterilisation of clinical waste via frictional heat treatment are numerous and include:

Clinical waste is reduced in volume:

​The volumetric reduction is around 70-75%. The waste shredding leads to the consequently noticeable volume reduction.

Clinical waste is reduced in weight:

​​Thanks to the evaporation of the liquids contained in the waste, a mass reduction is observed with an average weight loss of 20-25%.

Treated clinical waste has high-energy content:

​​​Thanks to the composition of the waste before the treatment and the high degree of dehydration achieved during the process, the residue post-treatment has a high calorific value.

Treated clinical waste is odourless:

​​​​The residual humidity (minimal), does not lead to the emission of malodorous vapours.

Treated clinical waste is unrecognisable:

​​​​​Thanks to the efficient shredding process, the final material is composed by small granules that do not allow the recognition of the initial clinical waste.

Treated clinical waste has a high level of dryness:

​​​​The post-treatment clinical waste residue has a very low degree of humidity, usually less than 15-20%, with a corresponding degree of dryness above 75-80%.

The treated clinical waste is sterilised:

​​​​​​The guaranteed minimum sterilisation level is 6Log10 (99.9999%) according to STAAT Level IV thanks to the temperature reached in all the material equal to 150°C. Specific study demonstrate that the sterile condition is kept at least 28 days after the sterilisation process. .