About Us


180 Waste Group was setup in 2013 to bring change to current methods of disposal for Clinical Waste.


After witnessing first hand the crude current methods of disposal and carelessness for treatment of the potentially infectious waste, 180 Waste Group took it on themselves to research then find the perfect destruction method.


The machines chosen by 180 Waste group are developed by a small, but highly technologically advanced company (Newster) in the hills of San Marino.


180 Waste Group was awarded sole distribution rights for Australia and their first demonstration machine arrived in May 2013.  Since then 180 Waste group have been conducting trials to continually find better ways to use the technology and improve Clinical waste destruction methods.


Our vision for the future is to try and eliminate the need for current destruction methods such as incineration and dumping of undestroyed waste. We can safely destruct the waste so it is not dangerous for transport and future land users. This will in turn reduce costs, increase efficiency and preserve our planet for future use due to recycling the by product our machines generate after treatment.